Finishing ensured up to the last details

Catherine Binding is structured in a way that helps us produce in a very flexible and efficient way, as even now lead-times are getting shorter.

Five folding machines

In our folding department, we have five folding machines. In principle, we only fold booklets for the books and magazines that we finish, as our workflow is set up that way. We can fold the following booklets using various schemes: 4-6-8-12-16-18-20-24-32 pages.

Perfect binding is done in one fluid motion

Your booklets are collected, milled, glued to your cover and cut into three in just one run. Our new, fully automatic binding process ensures quality and delivery time. We can also fit the covers of your books with flaps.

Sewn products is our asset

If a book needs to last longer, we recommend a sewn product. A book will then open more easily, making it more pleasant to read.

Many more additional possibilities

Our up-to-date machinery is constantly being expanded with various peripherals to bring the quality of the binding to a higher level. As well, laminating your covers as well as drilling and shrinking are also some of the possibilities we offer.